Managing your Brand

Rather than giving out lots of information, you can send out short sharp and effective messages, information, special offers and advice quickly and easily via your WA Marketing campaign.

Send Messages to DND Numbers

While broadcasting message to a broadcast list, you needn't to worry about DND phone numbers. Creat customer outreach without fearing message spam is now possible with WA.

High Open Rate

It is much simpler and easier.WAs messages have a very high opening ratio while emails have a relatively low ratio. WA users check messages often during the day.

Brand Enhancement

Regardless of your target audience, WA enables you to send business promotional messages across the world. Send and receive messages, images, videos and audio clips, as per your business requirements.


  • Easy to Use.
  • Use our International gateway to send WA across globe.
  • send text message upto 1000 characters.
  • Send Image, Audio, Video with or without caption to Brand enhancement.
  • Automatic filter facility available. No extra cost to filter numbers.
  • No Hidden charges. No software required. Web based application.

Bulk WA Service

Bulk WA marketing is a new concept in the market and most of the sectors are availing this service which includes Politicians, Saloon, Institutes, Colleges, and other B2C as well as B2B sectors. Bulk WA marketing is the effective technique wherein you can your promotional messages in the form of text/video/audio/image.

We provide International WA Marketing and India WA Marketing as a service. As Bulk WA SMS, Images, Videos, Audio Service Provider we ensure you are connected with your customers where ever they are with just click of Send Button! By using Digiweb's WA web-based panel marketers would be able to contact their audience anywhere in the world.

We delivered WA messaging services acrossed the word as send WA text messages, WA images messages, WA audio messages, WA videos messages. Being a lowest cost Bulk WA SMS, Images, Videos - service provider we offer BulkWA Text, Images, Audio, Videos - MARKETING SERVICE at unbeatable low rates.