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Why We Are The Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nashi

When it comes to bulk SMS in Nagpur, India there are definitely a great number of service providers. Well, if you are looking for service providers for the first time then it can be actually confusing which service providers to choose. Even we want you to get the best and we assure you that you will get the best bulk SMS service once you choose us as your service providers. You can even do your own personal research and we can honestly say that you will find us one of the most reputed service providers in Nagpur. Also, when you choose us as your service provider, you get a huge variety of options. Hence, you do not have to look for various service providers in order to get multiple services. Along with bulks SMS service, we also offer you services such as Facebook marketing, bulk voice calls, and much more.

Nagpur SMS Service Provider

Marketing is one of the vital parts of every organization. It allows the business idea to be showcased to its customers. Therefore, planning a perfect marketing strategy and executing it properly is the main key to get towards the chance of success.

Hence, Digi-Webs offers you the best marketing strategy in the form of bulk SMS service in Nagpur. Since bulk SMS is considered to be one of the most effective elements to connect with your audience and get a high number of conversion rates, therefore, we make sure that we offer you the best service with great support.

By being available 24*7, we make sure that we are available to assist you at any point in time. Till now, a great number of companies have chosen us as their service providers and we are glad that by the end of the show they got a great benefit from our services.

Though we are the best bulk SMS service provider in Nagpur, but we also make sure that we offer every single service that could be an effective way to connect with your audience. Hence, along with bulk SMS services, we also offer some other marketing services which you can choose according to your requirements.

Services We Offer
Promotional Bulk SMS
Transactional Bulk SMS
Bulk Voice Call
Bulk WA
Missed Call Services
IVR Services
Social Media Marketing

Importance of Bulk SMS Service Provider.

Every business needs to promote themselves in order to get the customers aware of their concept and services. Not just during the promotion but the companies also needs to provide continuous assistance to their customers. Hence we bring you the bulk SMS service in Nagpur. Not just in Nagpur but we are also providing our services in different parts of the country. Nagpur has been one of the best places for us. Since we have got a good number of customers with a great business concept. Not just bulk SMS service but we are also providing a good variety of other services that you can use to promote your business. Now you must be wondering, what makes us the best? Well, whether it be the services that we offer or the rates at which we offer our services. We make sure that we give you the best SMS service, Nagpur.

What do you get If You Buy Our Bulk SMS Service.

Once you choose us as your service provider, you get a dedicated server and also your data will always be secure with us. Apart from this, you get a dedicated support team who is always there to assist you and help you with your queries. You get an easy to customize option along with a user-friendly environment. We mostly focus on giving you the best service and getting back appreciation from you. Since we have already seen the growth of various companies after taking our services and we believe that even your company can attain a higher rank in the market after taking our services.

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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nashi


Cost Effective

SMS Solution is very cost effective marketing method of communication in comparison to others traditional channels. It will improve your business ROI.


SMS is quick to send, quick to read & quick to respond to. Once message sent into bulk sms gateway, it takes seconds for the message to be sent out.

High Conversion Rate

With SMS, there is an incredibly high rate of subscriber action. Whatever your SMS, there is more action taken compared to any other promotion strategies.

High Open Rate

Compared to email marketing,SMS has high open rate. Essentially, almost every SMS sent is opened(& read), whereas only a fraction of emails sent are read.


Multi-language SMS

Use our user friendly panel to send multi-language sms. Digiwebs provide facility to send Bulk SMS in regional language.

API integration

Use wide variety of APIs for easy Text Messaging by integrating our API with your System with, PHP, JAVA and Other languages.

Easy to use

We provide unique and extra features with a Quality Service. No need to install android and IOS application for your campaign. Send SMS from anywhere.

Open Sender ID & Template

You can create multiple sender id and templates that reflect your brand and you can easily manage all things in one panel.

Real-time Reports

By using Digiweb's Bulk SMS web portal, user can view or download the detailed real time delivery reports which are more accurate & transparent.

Customer Support

We provide 24x7 support via email, phone. Our dedicated & professional support team can resolve any kind of issue in minimum time period.