Difference Between Transactional and Promotional SMS

This is the era of digital marketing. Every business and brand has understood the value of online marketing and has adapted it in every way in order to grow and expand. Among various sectors of digital marketing, one essential part of SMS marketing. The brands and businesses perform this undoubtedly useful activity to spread awareness about their products and services to their targeted audiences. Moreover, it is used to keep their audiences updated and stay tuned with the product launches. SMS marketing is one of the most effective methods that provide high conversion rates. SMS is a type of service that triggers messages to a huge number of audiences using cloud platforms, and there are two types of SMS services available. The first one is promotional and the second one is transactional. They both are useful in different ways, and there are several SMS service providers available in India who offer these special services.

Let's Know About Them From A Closer View

What is a Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS are those SMS which are sent by the businesses and brands who look forward to selling, promoting their services and products. Also, the ones who are looking forward to performing some marketing and advertising. You can easily spot these messages as they contain offers, discounts, coupon codes, promo codes, and other stuff containing similar contents. Basically, these are cost-effective service packages and help in promoting a particular brand or business and their products and services. There are many bulk SMS service providers available in Pune who can help you get these services at a low cost.

What is Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS are sent by businesses in order to inform the clients about some vital news. You can easily spot these messages as they contain OTPs, alerts, order confirmations and more. These messages are sent to numbers that are already registered with that particular business. The messages sent to the existing customers are not for any up-selling or for marketing purposes. The best SMS service providers in Nashik will let you run these services at very reasonable charges. If you are running even a very small-scale business and want to include similar services to your registered existing customers, then you can easily approach them and get the work done within a day.

The Comparison Between the Features Of Promotional And Transactional SMS Packages?

By now, you might have already got some idea between both types of SMS packages. If we compare both these package types' features, we'll have a clearer picture. So, let's not waste any more time and get started with it.

Features of Promotional SMS

● If a customer has turned on the "Do not disturb" mode on their device, businesses will not send them messages. ● These messages are delivered between 9 AM and 9 PM only.

● The SMS are sent only via six-digit numeric sender ID.

● These SMS are sent only for marketing and branding purposes.

● SMS as promotional comes in the following form.

E.g., “Sale !! Sale !! Hurry up a great Diwali offer at a 50% discount on all the brands. Offer is valid up to March 2019. Click here to grab the offer now”.

● Some promotional SMS types include product offers, discount coupons, special deals, festive bonus, sales, gift coupons, vouchers, brand promotion, seasonal sale offers, and more.

Features of Transactional SMS

● It does not matter if the mobile device has "do not disturb " mode turned on or not; the businesses still can send them messages.

● There is no time restriction in this case as messages can be sent 24/7.

● The SMS are sent by alpha character sender ID only.

● These messages are sent in the form of alerts, notifications, OTPs, and others.

● Sms as transactional comes in the following form.

E.g., “Dear customer, this is your one time password to log in 12345. Please do not share it with anyone. The OTP is valid for the next 10 minutes only”.

● Some of the transactional SMS types include OTP, alerts, confirmation of orders, payment updates, reminders, messages of debits and credits from accounts, mobile verification codes, passwords, login, and more.

How Can These Two Types Of SMS Marketing (Transactional and Promotional) Be Helpful for Any Business?

These two types of SMS marketing can be helpful in many ways. In the case of promotional SMS, they can help you in the following ways.

● By giving discount codes and offer codes to your clients, one can increase sales.

● Updating your clients about the sales going on means promoting your product before the launch.

● Engage your existing customers by keeping notifying them about new offers, product launches, newsletters, sales pitches, etc.

● Increase brand awareness through online visibility and promotions.

The Transactional SMS can help your business in the following ways.

● Tell the account holder about the available balance left in their bank account.

● Keep the client updated about the invoice amount.

● Asking for confirmation about a client's online subscription.

● It also helps in delivering an acknowledgement of a call.

● It is also helpful in the case where airlines inform their passengers about the information related to the flight and the gate.

● Sending reminders about the next due date for the payment, so that they never fail to pay on time and you receive the payment without any delay.


Due to these SMS marketing services, many businesses have increased their sales and reached their dream destinations. All you need to do is find the best bulk SMS provider in Mumbai and watch your brand bloom in this world full of competition. Bulk messaging services is one of the most underrated but the most effective activities of digital marketing. Despite knowing its vast usefulness, many businesses have been neglecting this excellent promotional method that can be done by spending a few bucks. If you are one among them, we suggest you get started with these SMS service packages and see the change. The ones that do the right thing at the right moment can stay ahead of the competition. Why not become one of them?


  • Mіnіmаl Investment
  • High profit
  • No Business overheads
  • Low setup time
  • Low advertising cost
  • Low customer service management