Top 4 Services used for Election Campaign

Bulk SMS Service

Digital Web Solution provide an exclusive SMS-based service to politicians. Our bulk SMS service allows you to create contacts and send a single message to multiple recipients. If you prefer to target your voter via SMS, you can easily send promotional, informative, seasonal greetings and other branded messages in a matter of seconds.

Bulk Voice Call

You must have also sent pre-recorded voice messages in the voices of famous politicians during the election season. Bulk voice calls for election campaigns are the perfect way to convey a message to the related voter base in such situations, and voter will receive the message in the blink of an eye.

Social Media Messaging

SMM is the most well-known alternative to SMS in 109 countries which is almost 70 percent in India. Importance of SMM's an advertising and marketing channel online and on mobile for most advertisers. Building engagement using your native app so they can monetize their list, communicate non-stop and be able to generate additional audiences.

Missed Call Service

When election campaigns are around the corner, political parties want to collect a lot of special ideas to fine-tune their advertising strategies. One of the most essential and progressive ways of promoting your election marketing campaign can be passed missed call services.


  • Engagement with voters
  • Cost-effective
  • Top quality service
  • Best Voice Call quality
  • Extremly easy to use
  • information can spread quickly
  • Lead Identification
  • Voter poll analyzation
  • Real-Time Reports
  • 24x7 support