Radio Advertising Service

Leveraging our PAN India network of advertising partners & years of media-buying expertise. Captivate your audience with a 30 second radio ad. Copywriters do not have to strip down a 30 second ad to basic facts They may include more details in a 30 second ad than in a 15 second ad. This slightly extended time frame allows them to write in a more creative and compelling manner.

Experienced advertisers know that in order to really get your business’s message across, you need to say it many times through various channels (i.e. TV, billboard, email, newspaper, social media etc.). People need to hear about your business multiple times before they are familiar with it, and radio offers a good way to get your message out there.

When you listen to your radio commercial to give your approval for it to be used, it will be in a quiet place with your entire focus on the radio ad. However, the audience for the commercial may only be partially listening to it or may hear only part of the radio advertisement. People listen to radio largely in the car while they are on their way to some other place that actually want to be. Inject some joy into the situation with your ad. This is also a proven tactic for having people remember your ad more … if you connect your message with an emotion the chance of the audience remembering the message goes way up!