What Is Promotional SMS Service?

Marketing has been existing ever since brands and businesses are. There are two types of marketing, traditional and digital. These days digital marketing is the main focus because they are the quick, easy, and cheapest way to reach maximum audiences. Moreover, there are many digital marketing ways available today that help a brand grow and expand. SMS marketing is one such sector of digital marketing that can take your business to the next level. This process also provides higher conversion rates and can trigger maximum numbers of audiences using cloud messaging platforms. Several types of bulk SMS service providers in India today offer these services at very reasonable charges. SMS marketing is of two types promotional SMS services and transactional SMS services. Here today, we will talk about promotional SMS services, which resulted in brand or business promotions and increased sales. Let's know more about the same here below.

What Do You Mean by Promotional SMS Services?

Promotional SMS services are a part of SMS marketing, and yes, it is one of the best ways to take your business or brand to another level. These messages can be described as the ones sent by the businesses and brands looking forward to selling, promoting, advertising, or marketing their products and services to the target audience. These messages generally inform the receiver about the discount offers, available coupon codes, promo codes, exclusive deals, and much other stuff. These bulk messaging services are extremely helpful in promoting brands, their products, and services. If you live in Nashik or want to start a business in Nashik, or else if you already have an existing business in Nashik, then you can easily double up your current revenue by hiring the cost-effective services of the SMS service providers in Nashik. They'll have various packages where you can send unlimited messages to the targeted audience in one shot and reach thousands of people in just seconds.

Features Of Promotional SMS Service Packages

Here are some of the salient features that we would like you to know about promotional SMS.

● The messages cannot be sent on the devices that have turned on the "Do not disturb" mode.

● When sending messages from these services, the timings must be between 9 am to 6 pm. Before or after this timings, the promotional messages cannot be sent to any user.

● These SMS are sent through a six-digit numeric sender ID only. For example, you must have received SMS from numbers like DM- 123456

● These messages are sent with the intention of branding and marketing purposes only.

● These SMS types include product offers, discount offers, festive sales, grand sale offers, gift coupons, bonuses, cash prizes, brand promotions, seasonal sales offers, and more.

Example Of Promotional SMS Services

If you ever receive a promotional SMS and want to spot it, it looks like the following.

● A sale online, for example- Sale !! Sale !! CHRISTMAS sale is here. Offers a 70% discount on all the brands. Offer valid up to 18th Aug 2019 only. Hurry up. Walk down to the nearest store and grab yours.

● Discount offers that are to be used online and in stores. Discount offers !! For Diwali. Get 70% on purchasing three Kurtis. Your code is A69P0H. Offer valid for this week only.

● Event invitations or pre-sale tickets.

● Product launches

How Do Promotional SMS Services Help Brands And Businesses Grow?

Promotional services make people around aware of the existence of particular brands and businesses. All a brand needs to do is choose the right SMS service provider for running the SMS marketing campaigns for their brand. For example, if you are about to set up a Mumbai brand, then there are bulk SMS service providers in Mumbai who can help you out. Promotional SMS helps brands and businesses in many ways, and some of them are mentioned in the following. ● They provide updates to the customers about the discounts and offers.

● They notify the customers about the sales going on or will be coming up during a particular time frame.

● They also inform the customers about the products that are getting sold faster or out of stock soon.

● They remind the customers about the events that are coming up soon.

Benefits from Promotional SMS services are unaccountable. They create awareness and have a wider reach, which helps brands and businesses in many ways. These are easy and cost-effective packages that help brands send certain information to the targeted group in one go!

How to Choose the Best Promotional SMS Service Provider in India?

It is necessary to keep these points in mind before you head out to choose a bulk promotional SMS service provider for yourself.

● If you belong from Pune or have your business settled in Pune, please choose a professional bulk SMS service provider in Pune only so that you can communicate better through direct meetings and work closely together.

● Make sure that the service provider you are choosing has great reach nationwide as well as globally.

● Make sure the messages you are purchasing will not expire.

● Also, keep in mind that your SMS provider uses a reliable and secure service that has easy access to the customer's portal and their service.

● Choose the SMS service provider who offers you the best audience. Generally, these service providers have data of students, employees, insurance holders, credit card holders, and many more.

Choose the one that matches with your target audience and send them your offers in one go. Select the one who provides you high-quality data ( whose conversion rate will be higher than the others). ● Check if your SMS service provider is offering you automated SMS services or not.

● Also, check that the SMS is laid out appropriately and is easy to read and take action.


If you want to grow more and expand your business, it is vital to go for the reputed bulk SMS providers who offer valuable and guaranteed services. Try to be unique in planning your SMS marketing campaigns to stand out from the crowd and gain success. While selecting the bulk SMS service provider in your city, check out their feedback, cost, brand reputation, reliability, and offers. Check out multiple vendors and then finalize the most promising one.


  • Mіnіmаl Investment
  • High profit
  • No Business overheads
  • Low setup time
  • Low advertising cost
  • Low customer service management